Dr. Ai-Quoc Heller


    Dr. Heller is board certified and  specializes in the treatment of a variety of conditions including:
    • Podiatry
    • Wound Care
    • Hyperbaric Medicine
    • Limb Salvage
    • Foot Fractures
    • Peroneal Tendonitis
    • Metatarsal fracture
    • Ankle Fracture
    • Fungal Nails
    • Posterior Tibial Tendonitis


    Dr. Ai-Quoc Heller a Podiatrist in our group that works most frequently with Dr. Thomman Kuruvilla. A medical specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and structures of the leg. The training of podiatric physicians includes human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, sociological and psychological perspectives, general medicine, surgery and pharmacology; this is similar to the training of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) Specialist podiatric physicians are podiatrists with additional postgraduate training or fellowship training and experience in the specialized field. Within the field of podiatry, US trained podiatric physicians rotate through major areas of medicine gaining exposure and practice to areas including but not limited to: surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatrics, internal medicine, diabetes, vascular, neurological, pediatrics, dermatological, orthopedics, or primary care.


    • Barry University: Dates attended 2005 – 2009
    • Degree: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.)
    • University of Notre Dame: Dates attended 2000 – 2004
    • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
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