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  • “Dr. Yee took care of our daughter's fracture (twice in 9 months!) with incredible compassion, caring and professionalism. He made her feel so comfortable and allayed all her fears about putting on her cast and again when she had to remove it. Everyone in the office was friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend Dr. Yee to all our family and friends.”

    YOUNG Fracture Care
  • “Dr. Yee has provided me with excellent top-notch care. Unfortunately I've been to see him a number of times in the last couple years for various hand, shoulder and knee injuries. I've had nothing but great care, thorough followups and all around excellent service.”

    CARL Various Hand, Shoulder and Knee Injuries
  • “Dr. Yee is so kind, he took the time to help me understand what was wrong with my knee and all of the options. After surgery his staff followed up, my recovery was fast. Thanks so much Dr. Yee, you are fantastic.”

    WENDY Knee Surgery
  • “Dr. Trainor treated my knee meniscus tear. He did an excellent job with my surgery and I returned back to work with no problems in a couple of months. I would definitely recommend this doctor!”

    ANONYMOUS Meniscus Tear
  • “Dr. Liu is a wonderful surgeon and has worked on me as well as people I have recommended He is pleasant to work with and explains each and every step with you.”

    MARY LOU Orthopedic Care
  • “Dr. Liu performed micro fracture surgery on my right knee in the fall of 2009. The surgery was a huge success as I am now able to do the activities I used to do. Both my wife and myself can be considered athletic, and we like to stay active by running, working out, etc. before the surgery, I was limited to running about 1 mile before my knee swelled to the point that I could hardly move it. After the surgery, I have had no problems with my knee. As a matter of fact, my surgically repaired knee is stronger than my other knee. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Liu to anyone.”

    JIM Micro Fracture Knee Surgery
  • “I saw Dr. Liu for left knee pain in January 2012. After a cortisone injection failed to improve my condition, he performed an arthroscopy, and repaired a torn medial meniscus, which failed to show on my MRI. The staff was courteous, and I did not require pain pills after surgery. Now I am back to running five miles again just four months later. Thanks Dr. Liu!!!”

    WILLIAM Arthroscopy for a Torn Medial Meniscus

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